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5 Ways to Convert More Users on Your WooCommerce Store

Your homepage is a window into your WooCommerce store.  If a user lands on your product page in search obviously that’s your only shot to win them over (in most cases).  But likely if someone sees an advertisement or searches for your company name they’re going to land on your homepage.   So what does…

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Our Co-Founder Raquel Featured on WP Blab!

This week on WPblab our co-founder Raquel was invited to be a guest on the show with hosts Bridget Willard and Jen Miller.  The subject of the show was about community connections – in, around and through WordPress. Catch the video replay below and be sure to join WP Blab at 7 pm Pacific, 10 pm…

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5 Inventory Management Tools for WooCommerce Stores

Any eCommerce store selling physical goods will have to deal with some type of inventory management.  If you’re using WooCommerce it’s not a feature that’s sufficient right away.  While WooCommerce comes with lots of bells and whistles for your online store, inventory management typically requires some extra muscle. The good news is that there are…

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What does it cost to Maintain WooCommerce?

Since finding WordPress in 2007 we’ve never looked back to find another tool to help clients build and scale an incredible website.  So naturally once WooCommerce came along we were thrilled to find such a great platform for our clients to build successful eCommerce stores.  But while the platform has grown and been successful I’ve…

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SEO Primer for Ecommerce: 3 Tips for Quality Conversions

Getting new customers online is hard and competition grows daily with more and more eCommerce stores launching. And, if search engines can’t find you – well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but you basically don’t exist online. So, what’s an eCommerce store to do? Make sure your site is optimized…

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Essential WooCommerce Extensions & Plugins 2017

WooCommerce works off the WordPress platform. As a WooCommerce user, you’re probably using several WordPress plugins to take care of security, SEO, prevent spam and other functions. In addition to its standard tools, WooCommerce offers extensions (also called add-ons) that deliver extra functionality. Some from developers outside the company. Here are five WooCommerce extensions (and…

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5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversion with Social Proof

Psychology has long influenced advertising, and one thing we know is that people influence people when it comes to making buying something.  Therefore, social proof must be part of your eCommerce conversion strategy. What is Social Proof? Sometimes called “information social influence,” social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others…

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