Co-founder Cody Landefeld on Doo the Woo Podcast

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Longtime listener, a first-time guest!

It was a pleasure to be asked by our Woo Expert reps at Woo to join a last-minute recording of Do the Woo’s Agency chat.

In the conversation, I discussed the evolution of Mode Effect from a WooCommerce-focused company to a full-service ecommerce agency, offering technical and marketing support to e-commerce stores. This episode of Woo AgencyChat, was hosted by Robert Jacobi.

I emphasize the importance of treating customers well and investing in the team for an agency’s growth.

On the technical side, I also share the significance of understanding Google Analytics, leveraging email automation, and using tools like Active Campaign and High Level for cart abandonment. I also give a warning to store owners against relying solely on social media platforms for business and encourage store owners to become subject matter experts in what they’re selling.

Looking into the future, I predict that AI will play a significant role in online shopping, with devices becoming more accessible and socially acceptable.

The episode is available below.

Give it a listen, and let us know your thoughts.

Cody Landefeld

co-founder at Mode Effect. ECommerce consultant. Coram deo.

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