Website Development

Websites vs Web Applications - What Does Your Business Need?

Not every URL you visit can be classified as a website.  So your business needs to know exactly what this means for you and your customers.  Today you’ll learn some of the differences between a website and a web application. Cody LandefeldI’m a web consultant who helps WooCommerce store owners succeed. Founder at @modeeffect, husband…

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Guest Post - Is UX Killing Conversions on your E-Commerce Website?

Updated video post: 1-17-17 | Subscribe on YouTube We recently joined the GoDaddy blogging team of experts in website development and design, hosting, domains and online marketing. This month’s post is focused on eCommerce conversions.  Here’s a snippet: A great user experience goes a long way towards creating a successful e-commerce brand and store. A…

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What Is Website Accessibility?

Browsing the web is like a second nature to most of us. But others with physical challenges can seem overlooked when we are creating our websites. We can take for granted the process of seeing the screen, reading the text, hearing the sounds, and being able to handle the mouse and keyboard. Cody LandefeldI’m a web consultant…

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