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[VIDEO] Differences Between Ecommerce and Regular Web Projects

Recently I had the pleasure of joining the WP-Tonic show to catch up on recent WordPress news and discuss an important topic for our audience.  That’s the key differences between regular website projects and eCommerce projects.  What’s different, what should a store owner be prepared to invest?  Which platform do you start from?  We cover…

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[Video] WP Engine Finely Tuned Expert

Recently our founder Cody Landefeld had a chance to join WP Engine with their “Finely Tuned Expert” live webcast.  On the show they discussed some insights on WordPress, User Experience, and an overall approach to helping website owners achieve their goals.  Check out the archive below! Joseph McClellanHusband and pet father. Web developing, gardening, gaming,…

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[Video] Adding the right Imagery to Your WooCommerce Website

Earlier we shared a post on our site outlining 3 design tweaks you can make on your WooCommerce website to gain a competitive advantage.  In today’s post we want to focus on a specific tip to help improve your e-commerce site.  This is specifically about images and how you’re using them. Cody Landefeldco-founder at Mode…

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5 Questions You MUST Ask Before a Website Re-design

Managing a website re-design isn’t for the faint of heart.  Not only have your already gone through the process and learned what to do, and what not to do, you might be in the market for a company that can do a better job for your organization with a new website re-design.  As we’ve mentioned…

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