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Three "E's" I Took Away From The Double Your Freelancing Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a conference for consultants in Norfolk, Virginia.  The conference was organized by Brennan Dunn.  He is the founder of the Double Your Freelancing Course for consultants and website agency owners.  Last week’s conference brought together some amazingly bright minds from the digital agency community to an exclusive…

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4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Sucks

You are a small business owner.  You are the lifeblood of the american economy!  Congratulations of stepping out of your comfort zone and changing the status quo.  But I have to take issue with your marketing approach.  More specifically with your website. Around 45% of small business owners claim their business does not need a…

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5 Critical Mistakes with Retail Websites

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, electronics, music, or movies.  We buy so many of these things online nowadays. It was estimated that in 2010 Americans spent $186 billion dollars on retail websites.  That’s massive.  It’s estimated that this will continue at a rate of 150% percent into the next year.  That means 100 billion will go…

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