Building a WordPress Website that Appeals to and Inspires Native Youth

UNITY– a Mesa, Arizona-based national non-profit whose mission is to foster the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of American Indian and Alaska Native youth – needed a new WordPress website that appealed to their youth market and was mobile friendly. UNITY stands for United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. Cody LandefeldI’m a web consultant…

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How to trust your website designer [video]

Too much of a company’s time and resources are wasted on hiring the wrong person to get a project or a job completed.  More often I hear that it’s extremely tough to find the right website designer to get the job done.  Why is that?  Do you need to be more of an expert to know how…

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Three "E's" I Took Away From The Double Your Freelancing Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a conference for consultants in Norfolk, Virginia.  The conference was organized by Brennan Dunn.  He is the founder of the Double Your Freelancing Course for consultants and website agency owners.  Last week’s conference brought together some amazingly bright minds from the digital agency community to an exclusive…

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Why Your Business Needs A Professional Website

If your website is new hasn’t invested in a professional website please consider some of these insights before your invest even one dollar.  If you’ve tried to develop your own website but have been unsatisfied with your the outcome this can help refresh your perspective towards a professional website re-design. Over the past decade, the…

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Avoid pitfalls of choosing a website developer based on price

As a business consultant running a website design agency I am tasked over and over with the same requirement.  Save my client money and provide them with the most value for their investment.  This goal is something every clients wants but often misunderstands the challenge to get there. Cody LandefeldI’m a web consultant who helps…

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[VIDEO] WordPress might be too expensive for your business.

WordPress is our favorite CMS period.  We’ve built (seemingly) countless websites using WordPress.  But almost always we see the challenge business owners face when it comes to managing WordPress relating to their website.  With back-ups, testing, updating, and security there’s a lot of planning, time, and cost that can go into managing your website efficiently.…

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[VIDEO] What's the value of your small business website?

I often get asked by business owners “what’s the value of my small business website?” Why invest time and resources into building something that might not yield the results I need to grow my business? This is partly due to an attempt to devalue the initial investment and partly due to the fear that if you…

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