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[Audio] The Expert Effect Podcast

Are you a fan of podcasts?  Of course you are! Do you have enough podcasts to listen to?  Of course you don’t!  Okay then so podcasts are pretty crowded and there’s a lot of content out there.  We’re starting one so we can diversify our content and look to connect you with some of our…

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How much does a WordPress website cost?

The biggest challenge I see with business with regard to website design is cost.  This is one of the biggest problems facing the website development industry.  Normal or new business owners find it difficult to comprehend the cost of building a website is or understanding the value of the website. If you’re running a business…

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Does your website market your business?

That’s a loaded question.  You may see the value of having a website, but how much value does it provide to your business?  Have you truly considered the cost, time, and energy savings that it truly can bring to your business?  If you’ve been in business long enough you should understand that it’s crucial to…

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Hiring the Right WordPress Consultant

Hey everyone! I am/was happy to share with everyone at WordCamp San Diego for the 3rd year in a row! We always enjoy our time at this event and it’s a fantastic time of year to spend in San Diego.  Below are my slides from my talk.  I will update this post when the video…

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Starting a blog? Hire a WordPress Consultant.

Are you a blogger?  Have you been thinking about starting a blog?  I’m sure there are a few decisions to be made if you havent already done so.  Like “what to blog about,” or perhaps “what should the look of my blog me.”  Along with those decisions on content, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about…

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