Articles for WooCommerce Store Owners

Tactics on how to improve optimization, speed, and design.  

Co-founder Cody Landefeld on Doo the Woo Podcast

Longtime listener, a first-time guest! It was a pleasure to be asked by our Woo Expert reps at Woo to join a last-minute recording of Do the Woo’s Agency chat. In the conversation, I discussed the evolution of Mode Effect from a WooCommerce-focused company to a full-service ecommerce agency, offering technical and marketing support to…

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Build In-House Expertise Or Hire An External Agency

How to avoid too many cooks in the kitchen without missing key ingredients in your ecommerce digital marketing strategy. Figuring out whether to hire an agency or an in-house team for your ecommerce digital marketing is like cooking a meal. In the same way that you wouldn’t need a cookbook to create a dish you’ve…

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How to crush goals in 2024

Crush Your Goals in 2024: Why You Should Validate Your Strategy w/ Data

The end of 2023 is coming up fast! We’ve all spent the year slaying those conversion rates and growing, and it’s almost time for a collective EOY break. But before we pop open the champagne and celebrate, there’s one more crucial step to add to your 2024 strategy: Complete a full end of year report…

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Scaling Success with Amazon Advertising: The AIA Method for Boosting WooCommerce Store Sales

E-retailers in the competitive online business world must utilize email marketing, and loyalty programs, and implement marketing strategies to be successful. These strategies help them expand their customer base and enhance sales. WooCommerce, a widely used ecommerce platform compatible with WordPress, has become the preferred choice for numerous small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to establish…

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How to Setup Google Shopping Campaigns for Your WooCommerce Store

In the increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape, finding effective strategies to stand out and attract customers is crucial. For WooCommerce store owners, Google Shopping campaigns provide a powerful tool to increase visibility, reach potential customers, and drive conversions.  This article offers a detailed guide on how to optimize Google Shopping campaigns for your WooCommerce store. Getting…

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Getting BIG User Engagement: Using SEO for eCommerce Store Owners

Introduction Driving traffic to your website is essential, but converting that traffic into sales is the ultimate goal. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool not only for increasing your online visibility but also for boosting conversions.  This article illustrates how online stores can use SEO to improve user engagement. It also looks at…

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SEO vs SEM: Understanding the Differences and Benefits for Your E-commerce Store

If you’ve spent a while growing your e-commerce store, you’re familiar with SEO.  But you may or may not know how search engine optimization works within Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 

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Why Your E-commerce Store Should Hire a PPC Agency to Attract More Qualified Customers

As an e-commerce store owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to expand your customer base and boost sales. With increasing competition in your industry, it’s essential to explore efficient marketing strategies that help your business stand out. You likely know PPC (Pay Per Click) or paid traffic can drive more targeted traffic to your online…

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Menchey Music – Case Study

How a Family-Owned Music Store Increased Organic Traffic by 85% Menchey Music is a family-owned and operated music center that focuses primarily on serving the needs of students, parents, music educators, and school music programs through their retail stores. The Challange In search of gaining more organic traffic to their shop site, back in January…

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