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WooCommerce Legal Service Platform

We had the opportunity to launch a membership platform for CompTIA customers.  The service allows IT professionals and members alike to purchase digital services and products to help with everyday legal needs.

Articles for WooCommerce Store Owners

6 Ways to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate for eCommerce

First, let’s start with defining mobile conversion rate. It’s the percentage of people who opt into your mobile marketing campaign out of the total number of people who saw the campaign. Simply put, the higher the percentage, the better the success of your campaign strategy.  When we talk about mobile rate optimization, we’re referring to…

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Integrating QuickBooks with WooCommerce

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool that’s long been a market leader for small and medium sized businesses. It’s available as a desktop tool, although many businesses use its cloud capabilities for the usual reasons: security, instant updates, and accessibility just about anywhere. QuickBooks is a natural fit for WooCommerce sites and a number of…

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Anatomy of a Great Ecommerce Store Checkout Page

Some time ago, we reviewed the top three reasons eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned: The customer was only browsing around the site There were issues with shipping The customer wanted to compare prices elsewhere or felt the price was too high Our solutions included saving abandoned shopping carts in case a customer returns, ways to…

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How to Choose a WooCommerce Subscription Plan

If your WooCommerce site works by subscribing to regular product delivery or services, you need a steady, reliable, and highly secure subscription plan or tool that’s responsive to your customers and your business revenue stream. How Do WooCommerce Subscriptions Work? As every candidate under the sun now says, “Good question.” (Or if they aren’t exhausted,…

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WooCommerce SEO Guide

Did you know WooCommerce offers excellent SEO tools? It was developed upon the WordPress platform and therefore has blogging — and the opportunities to maximize SEO — built into its DNA.  In fact, WooCommerce might be the only eCommerce software that includes blogging tools with the basic setup. The other eCommerce tools we’ve seen require…

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7 New eCommerce Strategies Businesses Should Use to Collect Customer Emails

Good old email! It remains the most effective way to reach customers outside of actually meeting them in person. For eCommerce businesses, it’s literally a lifeline for selling. There are the usual ways to collect emails most businesses use for good reason: they work. Here are a few examples: Hosting a signup form on your…

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Are you using email to reach customers? Good news if you are – email remains one of the best ways to reach customers. They are more visible to customers than social media, which is easily overlooked and tends to disappear from view pretty quickly. Email is less expensive than snail-mail campaigns and has better response…

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Using the WooCommerce Conversion Tracking Plugin to Drive Sales

As an eCommerce seller, you rely on tracking your customers’ shopping habits to know the best-sellers, how well coupons are performing, what items resonate among customers in certain demographics and so on.    Most of all, you’re interested in what drives your repeat customers to keep coming back and replicating that success across the board.…

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