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WooCommerce Legal Service Platform

We had the opportunity to launch a membership platform for CompTIA customers.  The service allows IT professionals and members alike to purchase digital services and products to help with everyday legal needs.

Articles for WooCommerce Store Owners

How to Scale Your Online Store with WooCommerce

One of the reasons eCommerce businesses turn to WooCommerce is because it is widely recognized as “scalable,” meaning functions can expand alongside the business. Of course, as Chris Lema pointed out earlier this year, “scaling” is relative to what a business uses to measure success. And within a business different people will have different opinions…

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How Social Media Affects Your eCommerce SEO

Social media messaging should echo the content and branding on your website. For eCommerce, the issue becomes even more interesting since branding is often a huge part of the marketing equation and certain platforms thrive on branding. Social Media Activity Impacts Search Results Google used to insist that social media had little, if any, impact…

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Creating a Shipping Method for WooCommerce

If you run an eCommerce business, you know that fast, secure shipping is an essential part of each sale and can make or break a loyal customer.  eCommerce customers expect orders to process quickly and accurately, can be traced, and are easy to return via mail if necessary. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has sent more…

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Power Up the SEO for eCommerce Product Pages

Online shopping has become the default for consumers worldwide as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. Many consumers were already shopping online long before the virus appeared. Those who only did so occasionally (especially during the holiday season) are doing this more often and for more products.  If you’re supplementing your brick and mortar store with a…

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6 Ways to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate for eCommerce

First, let’s start with defining mobile conversion rate. It’s the percentage of people who opt into your mobile marketing campaign out of the total number of people who saw the campaign. Simply put, the higher the percentage, the better the success of your campaign strategy.  When we talk about mobile rate optimization, we’re referring to…

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Integrating QuickBooks with WooCommerce

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool that’s long been a market leader for small and medium sized businesses. It’s available as a desktop tool, although many businesses use its cloud capabilities for the usual reasons: security, instant updates, and accessibility just about anywhere. QuickBooks is a natural fit for WooCommerce sites and a number of…

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Anatomy of a Great Ecommerce Store Checkout Page

Some time ago, we reviewed the top three reasons eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned: The customer was only browsing around the site There were issues with shipping The customer wanted to compare prices elsewhere or felt the price was too high Our solutions included saving abandoned shopping carts in case a customer returns, ways to…

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How to Choose a WooCommerce Subscription Plan

If your WooCommerce site works by subscribing to regular product delivery or services, you need a steady, reliable, and highly secure subscription plan or tool that’s responsive to your customers and your business revenue stream. How Do WooCommerce Subscriptions Work? As every candidate under the sun now says, “Good question.” (Or if they aren’t exhausted,…

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