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How a Family-Owned Music Store Increased Organic Traffic by 85%

Menchey Music is a family-owned and operated music center that focuses primarily on serving the needs of students, parents, music educators, and school music programs through their retail stores.

The Challange

In search of gaining more organic traffic to their shop site, back in January 2021, Menchey Music came to Mode Effect seeking ways to improve their organic listings to their shop site.

The Solution

Our main goal at Mode Effect was to drive more organic traffic to their shop website, alleviate any stress that Menchey Music may have trying to focus on their online presence along with their online rankings, and provide expertise in the correct ways to resolve issues on their website.

Our approach to tackle these requests was to begin with our Foundational Audit. Our Foundational Audit provided Shop Menchey Music with a baseline of where they stand on their site’s health and allows us to identify any existing errors within their site that we can resolve. Our Foundational Audit includes setup and configuration of the following services. SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Microsoft Clarity. All of these tools are crucial to improving overall site health and performance.

Although the Foundational Audit is very helpful for providing us with a baseline for the Shop Menchey Music site, there was more to be done. Our SEO approach began in September 2021, with the implementation of a custom XML package that would update all metadata within the site to help improve their overall site rankings. This included items such as meta titles, descriptions, and keywords throughout the Shop Menchey Music site. Sitemap changes were implemented to better organize the products and improve the overall crawlability on Google’s end. 

Internal modifications were made to the site but that is just one step we took to make sure their shop site would gain more organic traffic. We also had to make improvements to the aesthetics of the shop site to grab the users attention. We began by updating their top navigation, added category drill down in guided navigation, optimized homepage carousel and homepage graphics to support webP format and implemented lazy loading on off screen images to decrease load time on the shop site.

Lastly, Google Merchant Center was a key tool in boosting traffic to the Shop Menchey Music site. Configuring Google Merchant Center gave Menchey’s products the possibility to reach more people who may be searching for instruments, sheet music, and any other music related products. Along with configuring Google Merchant Center, we also implemented a merchant center feed that contributed to Google’s crawlability and provided nearly instant information on price changes and inventory changes. This prevents Shop Menchey from over selling.

The Results

Now for the exciting part. Our results from everything we had implemented on the Shop Menchey Music site provided them with some fantastic results.

Throughout the year, we saw an increase in organic traffic of 73.31% compared to the previous year!

Our use of implementing SEO changes definitely proved to show impact on the overall organic traffic to their site! If we examine this screenshot of Shop Menchey’s Google Analytics account, we notice that we have had a significant gain across the board pertaining to organic traffic over the past year! Not only did organic traffic increase, but we saw an increase in everything. Our bounce rate dropped 93.84% and we saw an increase in organic revenue by almost $10,000! We can’t necessarily say that their revenue increase was all because of SEO changes, but they could have been a helpful factor. As we look from the beginning of January 2021, we can see that there has been a steady increase in organic traffic and even a large spike over the past two months!

In conclusion, we can let the results speak for themselves. After beginning with our Foundational Audit, implementing changes to their metadata, design changes, and XML package changes, Shop Menchey Music site has seen significant gains and we cannot wait to see them progress even further in the future!

Cody Landefeld

co-founder at Mode Effect. ECommerce consultant. Coram deo.

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