The Most Trusted WooCommerce Extensions to Run Your Ecommerce Store

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The WooCommerce plugin is fast becoming one of WordPress’ most popular tools. It powers 2.3 million online stores according to the Internet analytics firm BuiltWith.

WooCommerce has its own ecosystem supported by eCommerce plugins (called extensions) that go beyond its own tools to provide additional support for functions like checkout, payment, shipping, and marketing to name a few.

I recently wrote about how WooCommerce’s open source API makes it easier for developers to create extensions and tools for it. I recommended a few I personally like. Here are some other trusted WooCommerce extensions for you to consider.

Top-Selling WooCommerce Extensions For Business Management Functions

Managing an eCommerce business spares you headaches on things like rent and utilities, but it does need management. Developers within WooCommerce and outside it have created some very useful business management tools.

  • Online and In-Person Payment. Many eCommerce sites are offshoots of brick and mortar stores. Square, which revolutionized credit card processing for small businesses, offers a WooCommerce extension that takes it online and integrates with store purchase data. It’s free, PCI compliant, and provides fraud and chargeback protection. Custom rates are available for merchants with revenues exceeding $250,000 and average sales over $15.
  • Shipping Rates. Many online shops live and die by negotiating favorable shipping rates. But not all are big enough to command this, so many turn to the WooCommerce plugin Table Rate Shipping. It provides highly customizable shipping options that let you define costs by location, product cost, weight, or a number of items. It costs just $99 for a single site and $149 for up to five.

Subscriptions Save Customers’ Time and Provide Steady Business Income

One of the joys of online shopping is that it saves time. Subscription services schedule purchasing and delivery of essentials customers don’t want to run out of like tissues and dog treats. Ecommerce plugins take care of this for online shoppers.

WooCommerce has its own subscription extension. But at $199, it may be a little pricey for folks just starting out. Subscriptio is a similar service that only costs $49 per year and includes six months of support.

While you’re offering regular deliveries, help your customers create a wish list with the YITH extension. It’s free and works in 22 languages; its default, though, is UK English. Still, it adds a “colorful” way for new customers to spend their loot with you!

WooCommerce Extensions For Marketing Support

You want to communicate with your customers so connect your MailChimp account to your WooCommerce store at no cost. MailChimp’s WooCommerce plugin integrates it with website data to give you insights into customers’ purchase history and frequency integrates with Facebook and Instagram and sends notifications to nudge customers to return to abandoned carts.

Also recommended for marketing:

  • Google Product Feed WooCommerce extension starting at $79 for one site
  • Amazon Affiliates’ for $42
  • Social Login Lite for WooCommerce, a free e-commerce plugin from WordPress that lets customers login via their Facebook or Google+ profiles, providing an extra SEO boost

WooCommerce Extensions to Boost Conversions

Amplify Plugins has created a ton of useful plugins that can help simplify your buying and checkout process on your WooCommerce store.

  • WooCommerce Quick Checkout allows your customers to purchase directly from the product page. Users can Click “Buy Now”, the checkout opens, another purchase is made without any cart or redirect. Simple, elegant, efficient.
  • Disable Shipping Methods When Free Shipping is Available plugin simply hides the shipping options in checkout when Free Shipping is available. This allows the user a fast checkout process without having to think about shipping options.

You can check out all the plugins Amplify Plugins has to offer on their website.

Don’t go crazy with too many WooCommerce extensions, as these can overwhelm site speed. Decide which ones are most important to your customers’ shopping experience and be sure to focus on their needs first.

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