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Recently I was on an episode of WP (WordPress) Water Cooler, a weekly online roundtable of experts in the WordPress community share insights on how to best approach WordPress development and running your business using WordPress.  This episode I was able to be a part of was focused on how to improve the user interface for your e-commerce website (or more specifically WooCommerce store).

My friend Chris Lema shared a nice tidbit of information as a good reminder to all who are starting or already running their e-commerce (or WooCommerce) business. See the video below.

If you’re running WooCommerce, you’re running a real business and if you’re running a real business you ought to have a hosting environment with production and staging and a developer to use who can assist with changes and updates.  This is akin to saying you are signing a physical lease to run your business out of and you’ve sought no legal counsel, hired an accountant, etc.  It makes sense if you’re running an online business to involve an engineer who can help your website and business grow.


The stakes are high and your business needs help to succeed.  Leverage expert help to get your website running with best practices and avoid painful mistakes to hinder your business’ growth.  Are you running your business using WooCommerce?  This is far and away a huge and expandable platform for businesses to build a sustainable e-commerce business on.  Learn more about WooCommerce here.

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