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Email Automation for WooCommerce

We spend too much time as store owners using multiple tools with our marketing efforts — jumping from one platform to another. So slow down. Focus and figure out the source of your time-suck and let your website automation do the work for you.   Do any of these tasks sound familiar – and have…

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[Audio] The Expert Effect Podcast

Are you a fan of podcasts?  Of course you are! Do you have enough podcasts to listen to?  Of course you don’t!  Okay then so podcasts are pretty crowded and there’s a lot of content out there.  We’re starting one so we can diversify our content and look to connect you with some of our…

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How Email Marketing Is Different For Non-Profits

Trying to run a marketing campaign for a non-profit can be much different than that of one for a company. Not only are your goals normally different, but the methods in which you employ the marketing campaign will also likely differ. While there are many articles out there that will give you advice on how…

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