If you’re a fan of Disney and follow their content online you’ve likely seen a quiz asking the question “What Disney Character Are You?”  Tell the truth, we know you’ve taken the quiz and shared the result online!  This quiz is spread across most of their online networks and have massive social media engagement.

Oh My Disney Blog - Quiz


Quizzes are common on a lot of popular news websites to build social engagement for content.  Buzzfeed has been successful in their execution of putting quizzes out that attract thousands (maybe millions) of people rushing to take the quiz to find out which 90’s TV star they are.  There are tons of other website replicating this method as well.
Disney had also successfully deployed their quizzes across their online blogs and news sites, including Disney Insider, Disney Playlist, Disney Style, and the ever popular Star Wars blog.  We had the pleasure of working alongside Disney Interactive to help them build the quiz engine that helps them create compelling quizzes that attract major engagement.  The quiz has become such a hit that they’ve also released a stand-alone iOS app

Needless to say this is a fantastic model for brands and companies to use to bring more traffic to their websites and encourage more audience engagement.

Let’s look at a successful formula we used in order to get the end goal accomplished.

Key items successful quiz engines need

  1. Custom designed user interface with a modular and responsive layout
  2. A custom website (WordPress) plugin to drive creation of additional quizzes
  3. A back-end interface to track user engagement and export analytics


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