Great ideas seem to be a dime a dozen.  New businesses start everyday.  Many come and go and fail as fast as they started.  At the same time we live in an precedented time where more problems are being solved by smart technology than ever before.  Ideas can form into actual companies and prove a working business model quickly if things align quickly.

Vest Board - Home page

The financial industry is an industry that’s valued greatly by technological advances but there’s a lot of poorly executed platforms that try to accomplish too much and often confuse their user-base.

Enter Phoenix area start-up Vest Board.  They are a financial platform with a purpose of defining their users’ equity in real time.  Their platform allows you to sign up, import your public stock information, and they provide valuable insights on how your stock is performing, and when to sell.  This platform is solely focused on solving this challenge for their users and quickly.

We recently worked with Vest Board to build their prototype to demonstrate how their business model would correctly work.

Building an Easy User On-boarding Experience

With Vest Board we worked to make the registration process a breeze.  While you can sign-up easily from any page on the website, there’s information from your financial institutions to input in order to get your data aggregated and sortable on Vest Board’s platform.

In order to make this experience as easy as possible for the user we implemented third-party information to make public companies recognized and have their data implement automatically as the user is completing their registration and filling out their necessary financial data.

Vest Board - On-boarding

Importing user financial information and fast

Behind the scenes there’s a lot of data being brought in from users to be able to be able to sort and visualize.  In order to accomplish this we had to utilize financial information libraries that had to be tightly integrated into the platform.  The challenge we faced with bringing the data in is that the data had to be cached (saved) in order to be imported and sorted easily.

This required thorough engineering to properly design the architecture and data structure for Vest Board.  While the platform was developed from the ground up, the third party data integration reasonably couldn’t be pre-configured for our platform.  Not only were we able to import the data but we smart caching to allow the data populate quickly and be easily accessible for users.

Vest Board - Visual Data Platform

Creating a visual HTML 5 Dashboard platform for sorting data

Once Vest Board users are properly On-boarded into the platform they can begin to examine their stock data and determine their vested and unvested values.  This platform implements an HTML 5 library to allow users on all devices to see and sort their data to gain insights.  Furthermore there is an easy way to view your award values (shown below) and see on which dates they are most valuable.

Additionally this information is pulled together based on the user input to provide the following information for multiple awards:

(An example figure would be)

Award Date: 02/18/2013
Total Options: 12,000
Total Gross Value: $350,955.00
Estimated Taxes: $87,738.75

After-Tax Value: $263,216.25

Vest Board - Award Values

The Outcome of our experience to Vest Board

Our engagement with Vest Board resulting in building a solid prototype to provide test users and investors to validate their business model.  We’re happy to hear since we were fortunate enough to work with Vest Board that they are now courting multiple funding offers as they head towards the next stage of bringing their offering to financial customers the world over.

Are you looking to get a prototype or MVP out and need technical consulting and execution?  We’d like to help.  Book a time with us so we can hear more about your company and provide insight to help your company reach it’s goals.