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7 Ways A Blog Can Help Your Non Profit Website

One of the best things you can do for your non-profit – or more specifically, your non-profit’s website – is to have a blog, and post regularly. Having a well-run blog on your website offers a host of advantages.  Some obvious advantages, and some you might not have considered. How ever which way you’re thinking…

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How Email Marketing Is Different For Non-Profits

Trying to run a marketing campaign for a non-profit can be much different than that of one for a company. Not only are your goals normally different, but the methods in which you employ the marketing campaign will also likely differ. While there are many articles out there that will give you advice on how…

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How to get your non-profit website re-design right

If your non-profit has a website, it’s likely you may have come through that process with some challenges.  You’re all the better for it since you know what to do more efficiently next time with your website.  So you might even be ready to consider a website re-design.  It’s important to take what you’ve learned and…

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