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Insightful Articles for WooCommerce Store Owners

Tactics on how to improve optimization, speed, and design.  

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Is UX killing conversions on your eCommerce store?

A user’s experience on your ecommerce website will have a strong impact on how long they stay on your site, how much they navigate through it, and if they make a purchase while visiting. When it comes to conversions, your user experience is critical. So, let’s dive in and look at four key areas of…

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eCommerce Veteran John Morrison Joins Mode Effect as Partner!

Mode Effect, an Arizona-based WordPress, and WooCommerce development firm have recently joined forces with John Morrison, who has come on board with the company as a partner. Morrison is a veteran in the eCommerce industry who has worked on innovative eCommerce strategies for large billion dollar companies such as H&R Block, Wallis Oil Co., and…

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The Most Trusted WooCommerce Extensions to Run Your Ecommerce Store

The WooCommerce plugin is fast becoming one of WordPress’ most popular tools. It powers 2.3 million online stores according to the Internet analytics firm BuiltWith.   WooCommerce has its own ecosystem supported by eCommerce plugins (called extensions) that go beyond its own tools to provide additional support for functions like checkout, payment, shipping, and marketing…

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Reasons to Integrate WooCommerce into Your eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce is used on about 30 percent of all eCommerce sites and has consistently been a leading choice for online stores in the past few years. Its features are so extensive it’s taken on a life and ecosystem of its own apart from its WordPress ancestry.   So it isn’t surprising that we are often…

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The Ultimate Guide to High Performance WooCommerce & Scale

How is your WooCommerce website performing these days? As more holiday (and every day) shopping is now done online, it’s probably had quite a workout over the past couple of months. Now that you’ve finished accounts for the holiday season and (hopefully) caught up on tasks like updating your email capture, look at your site…

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WooConf 2017 Recap

Okay.  Here comes a super brief recap of WooConf!  I just saw the videos went live and wanted to share the two keys I was most excited about at last month’s event. I had an opportunity to attend and speak at the annual conference for WooCommerce.  It’s called WooConf.  And let me tell you it…

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Website Hosting Options for WooCommerce Ecommerce Stores

Where to start? Let’s talk about website hosting for your store. Is your store running WooCommerce?  How good of a job is your current website host doing for your online store?  The performance of your host has a tremendous effect on your online store’s performance and ultimately your bottom line.  Since launching your store you’ve…

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How to Redesign Your WooCommerce Site Affordably

You’re out here doing it!  There’s no time for blowing up your store and redesigning everything while you’re in the business of making money and serving customers.  That doesn’t make sense.  However, at the same time, you have to keep your store fresh and take advantage of every design tactic that will help to improve…

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Understand the Sales Funnel and Apply it to Your E-Commerce Website

Sales funnels are essential for every business and e-commerce stores are no exception. Creating a sales funnel will help convert visitors into paying customer and is essential to your marketing and sales strategy.  The challenge is that most business owners struggle to understand how to assemble and apply a sales funnel for their business. Today…

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