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Core Web Vitals and Beyond: Google Has Spoken – Useability Matters Most

We’ve written extensively about what is Google Core Web Vitals, and in this article, we’ll take a deeper look but also look at some important things to understand about it and go beyond the basics. Google is always changing the game with its algorithm on what is most important and what will be given the…

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what are core web vitals

What Are The Core Web Vitals, and How Can You Improve Yours?

Great content that helps readers has been the primary factor behind Google’s web page rankings. However, when websites get heavy with new pages and ad channels, the reader’s experience takes a plunge. That’s why Google rolled out a series of metrics last year called the “web vitals” that essentially puts the focus back on the…

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MainGear – Client Case Study

How MAINGEAR Achieved Consistent Speed and Stability on its Ecommerce Storefront and Found a Partner for Long-Term Growth and Success, located in Kenilworth, New Jersey, was founded in 2002 with a mission to build high performance desktops and laptops to order tailored to a user’s specific needs. What began as a two-man business has…

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Amplify Plugins joins Mode Effect

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      Mode Effect, an Arizona eCommerce Consulting and Development Agency Acquires Amplify Plugins to Expand its WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin Solutions Phoenix, Ariz., July, 14th, 2021 — Mode Effect, LLC, a full-service e-commerce consulting, development and management agency recently acquired Amplify Plugins, a WooCommerce and WordPress plugin development company to expand its plugin…

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Optimizing Your WooCommerce Store for Speed

Speed is at the top of the list when it comes to factors that affect your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. That’s because Google cares about continuous improvement to a user’s experience and fast-loading web pages are part of an optimized user experience. Minimum Viable Build (Don’t Overdevelop Your Ecommerce Site) You hear the term…

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Scaling Your WooCommerce Store without Performance Pitfalls

Scaling WooCommerce is NOT the same as scaling WordPress. This is an important philosophical difference.  Most WordPress-only sites are not offering a unique user experience. WooCommerce offers a unique experience due to the fact that it includes a shopping cart that can include personalized info for each customer.  This can cause your site to need…

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Countryman – Case Study

How a California Audio Company with Grateful Dead Roots Transformed an Unstable WordPress Website into One that Supports Long-Term Growth Countryman is a privately held audio company based in Menlo Park, California with a half century history serving the music, movie/TV, corporate event, faith community and audio dealer/wholesale industries. In fact, the company’s founder Carl…

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Arizona’s Morrison Consulting and Mode Effect Merge to Create a Full-Service Ecommerce Consulting and Management Agency

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phoenix, Ariz., October X, 2020 — Morrison Consulting, LLC, a Scottsdale-based e-consultancy firm founded in 2005 by John Morrison, and Mode Effect, LLC, a Phoenix-based WordPress and WooCommerce development firm founded in 2010 by Cody Landefeld, announce their merger. The merger joins two established Arizona companies to create a full-service ecommerce consulting,…

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How to Scale Your Online Store with WooCommerce

One of the reasons eCommerce businesses turn to WooCommerce is because it is widely recognized as “scalable,” meaning functions can expand alongside the business. Of course, as Chris Lema pointed out earlier this year, “scaling” is relative to what a business uses to measure success. And within a business different people will have different opinions…

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