Articles for WooCommerce Store Owners

Tactics on how to improve optimization, speed, and design.  

What Is Website Accessibility?

Browsing the web is like a second nature to most of us. But others with physical challenges can seem overlooked when we are creating our websites. We can take for granted the process of seeing the screen, reading the text, hearing the sounds, and being able to handle the mouse and keyboard.

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Re-designing Stinkweeds, a Phoenix, AZ local mainstay.

If you live in the Phoenix metro area and are a music fan you’ve likely bought a CD or an LP from Stinkweeds, a independent record store in downtown Phoenix.  For over 27 years Stinkweeds has been focused on providing a selection of independent and popular music to customers looking to find their music by…

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Mobile Responsive Web Design – Critical Tool For Business Success

In today’s world, just about every single business has some form of online presence. This means that simply having a website is not going to be enough for your company if you want to beat out your competitors. You need to find every advantage that you can to ensure that your website is visited more…

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Using Analytics to Improve User Experience

So your company is growing and your website isn’t cutting it anymore.  You’re simply not converting users into customers.  Don’t panic!  There’s effective ways to understand what needs to be part of your website. If you built your website a while ago and haven’t been actively tweaking it, chances are you’re missing out on customers.  One…

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5 Critical Mistakes with Retail Websites

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, electronics, music, or movies.  We buy so many of these things online nowadays. It was estimated that in 2010 Americans spent $186 billion dollars on retail websites.  That’s massive.  It’s estimated that this will continue at a rate of 150% percent into the next year.  That means 100 billion will go…

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