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Future Proof Your Nonprofit Website through Development, UX and SEO

Most nonprofit organizations strive to keep their operations’ budgets lean and mean. Building or overhauling a website is often a necessary expense for any organization, including non-profits. When making this investment, it’s important that the website is built to be secure, scalable and flexible.

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[Audio] How your WooCommerce can compete against Amazon and win!

Originally posted on our Soundcloud page we give a recap of one of our most popular WooCommerce posts about competing against Amazon.  Here’s a snippet: “Approaching e-commerce without giving consideration to Amazon is paramount to eating your lunch in the tiger cage at the local zoo. That’s not to say it can’t be done—because it…

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Building a WordPress Website that Appeals to and Inspires Native Youth

UNITY– a Mesa, Arizona-based national non-profit whose mission is to foster the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of American Indian and Alaska Native youth – needed a new WordPress website that appealed to their youth market and was mobile friendly. UNITY stands for United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc.

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[Video] WP Engine Finely Tuned Expert

Recently our founder Cody Landefeld had a chance to join WP Engine with their “Finely Tuned Expert” live webcast.  On the show they discussed some insights on WordPress, User Experience, and an overall approach to helping website owners achieve their goals.  Check out the archive below!

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What is WooCommerce? Breaking Down the Popular eCommerce Solution

WooCommerce, originally launched in September 2011, has quickly become the leading eCommerce solution. It currently powers 30 percent of all online stores – more than any other eCommerce platform – with over 10 million downloads globally.

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Creating a WordPress Website Navigation for User Experience and Conversions

Website navigation is commonly overlooked. In this post we show you how you can create a navigation bar that blends conversions and user experience.

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Key Trends and Best Practices for Redesigning Your WooCommerce E-Commerce Website

Are you redesigning your outdated e-commerce site? Make sure you use these trends and best practices to help build a better site.

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Does Your Developer Care About These WooCommerce Security Issues?

Maintaining website security should be a priority for any website owner. Inside, we illustrate why you need to hire a developer who cares about common security issues.

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4 Keys to Effectively Managing Your Website After Launch

The launch is just the first step. Learn how you can easily set your website up for success with a proper website management plan.

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