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If you’re starting a business you need to get the word out. Getting the word out is massively important to gain an  online audience.  You need to have a marketing website built for your business and since the website will be used to market it would always be a great idea to include a blog on your website.

Whether your mission is to just simply inform your audience or customers about your new business or build a concept (or MVP) for your software you’d be surprised to know how effective WordPress can be.  Here are a few different reasons why your start-up should be using WordPress:

You can blog with WordPress

I know, I know.  Mostly everyone on the web knows WordPress contains a post (or blog) system.  But seriously get your website built and use WordPress to create a blog to start your content marketing to help increase your leads for your business.

Build your marketing website with WordPress

As I had mentioned beforehand, WordPress is a sufficient content management system and you can be creative by making a marketing website for your start-up.  Our company has done this in many cases for our clients and it’s a flexible and quick way to get a marketing website out the door.

Many companies are choosing WordPress to create their website.  This puts your company in great company and you can find great resources to build out a powerful marketing site with the tools and plugins available for WordPress.

WordPress is application platform

From the time WordPress was released it was always best known as a blogging platform.  A few years later it became known for a full-fledged CMS (content management system).  As WordPress has matured (now 10+ years later) it has become a more application friendly platform.  There are multiple frameworks to build from that allow you to create membership websites, niche social networks, and e-commerce websites.  The list goes on…

Hiring a great WordPress development company will help your company prove your concept quicker and more affordably.

Use WordPress as a knowledge base


There are tons of creative uses for WordPress rather than just a blog or a marketing website.  One of the most creative uses for WordPress could be for a customer knowledge base.  Site 5 (a popular website hosting company) uses WordPress for a knowledge base successfully to educate their hosting clients on how to use their systems.

These are only a few ideas.  As you can imagine there are many other ways to think outside of the box with regards to using WordPress for your start-up.  What will you use WordPress for?

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