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We had some pretty awesome WooCommerce Meetups for March & April!


We had a brand new speaker present. Parker Mathewson, the founder of The Rite Sites, graced us with his expertise on The Problems and Opportunities of Migrating to WooCommerce.

After his talk, Parker was accommodating in answering plenty of developer-related questions about migrating to WooCommerce.

Parker Mathewson, The Rite Sites, Phoenix

After working in the web industry for four years on Drupal, I found a passion for web technologies. This passion was lost but rediscovered after working at IBM as a Software Engineer. Restarting my work in the web industry, I got my start with working on WordPress and WooCommerce in 2017 and decided to make it my full-time career again. Since then, I have landed clients making annual revenue of over $1 million.


We ended the night at Welcome Diner to which we thought, “Um, why didn’t we think of this before???? We love Welcome Diner!”

Parker Mathewson, The Rite Sites, Phoenix

Parker Mathewson


Welcome Diner, Downtown Phoenix, dtphx, foodie, phx foodie

A Phoenix staple for sure. Next time you visit Phoenix, I’ll take you here.



April brought one of our famous hometown heroes out. Chris Klosowski, CTO and Development Lead at Sandhills Development, intrigued our audience with his wealth of knowledge on A/B Testing eCommerce stores.⁣

Here are some notes on the talk:

Chris Klosowski, ChrisK, WordPress, Sandhills, brewery, plugins, development

Chris Klosowski is the CTO and Development Lead for Sandhills Development, the company behind products like AffiliateWP and other eCommerce based software. He has over 5 years of experience building the tools that help people build successful eCommerce businesses, he’s contributed to the top 3 eCommerce plugins for WordPress, and has over 20 plugins on⁣

Focus on the following things
* High traffic pages
* Test “UP the funnel”
* Test shared elements (elements used on many pages)
* Use heat maps (Hot Jar or Crazy Egg)
* Button colors
* Font sizes
* Content width
* Checkout form width
* Menu order
* Call to Action text

Chose the proper goal
* Revenue
* Transactions
* Average orders size
* Revenue per session
* Call to Action clicks
* Funnel step completions

Final Conclusion:
ABT = Always Be Testing!

Heatmap tools: &

Tools for A/B testing
* Optimizley (great, but has become expensive)
* Google Optimize (Chris’ top choice)
* Monster Insights (has some A/B testing with their add ons)
* Crazy Egg (has some A/B testing)

The event went really well! There were actually two non-WooCommerce companies in attendance that were there to learn more about this very subject. We received a report of them implementing Chris’ suggestions right away and seeing big results! This made my heart full. I love these Meetups!

Once again we ended the night at Welcome Diner. Think this is going to be our usual ending spot!

ChrisK. If you haven’t seen him speak yet, you must. We’re so glad to have him active in our community.

WPAZ, WordPress Arizona, WPAZWoo, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Meetup, Meetup, WordPress, dtphx, yesphx

A big, giant, thank you to Liquid Web Hosting for your continual sponsoring of this event! ♥️

We sure hope you’ll be joining us next time! Every 1st Wednesday of the month! See you there!

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