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As a business owner you know that time is greatest constraint we face.  There are too many examples of how the need for time and time management can help or stall our business.  One observation I have continually is how people value their money over their time.

Do you value time over money?

As a business owner it can be a challenge how we invest in our business to solve problems we face.   I know I’ve been challenged to make decisions that would gain me more time to create a greater impact and earn more money.  Do you notice the same challenges?

I recorded a quick video regarding this challenge and I’d love your feedback regarding this topic.  What types of challenges present themselves with regards to time and money?  How do you usually solve those challenges?

I hope this helps to encourage you to consider this as you work towards your business goals as an owner and entrepreneur.  Thanks for watching!

Cody Landefeld

co-founder at Mode Effect. ECommerce consultant. Coram deo.

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Thanks for Sharing!

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