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Too much of a company’s time and resources are wasted on hiring the wrong person to get a project or a job completed.  More often I hear that it’s extremely tough to find the right website designer to get the job done.  Why is that?  Do you need to be more of an expert to know how to hire the right person or company?  Maybe.  But more than likely it’s always a trust issue.

Trusting your website designer is a tough task if you truly don’t know the right questions to ask or have a working knowledge of a true company’s expertise and ability to get your project or job completed.  We recently had a pleasure working with a legal technology firm in Chicago whom had spent lots of time trying to find the right website designer (or technology partner) to build their legal automation platform.  What was most intriguing to me is that 2 or 3 of our competitors were willing to take on the website without truly having the capabilities to complete the project thus eroding the trust of our client.

I know trust is hard to come by.  I also know that this isn’t an exhaustive look at everything you need to know to avoid wasting massive time and resources (money).  But my hope is that this video will help to start your thought process and conversation with your website designer on how to determine the best way to build trust and find the right partner (website designer) to get your project completed.

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Thanks for Sharing!

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