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The biggest challenge I see with business with regard to website design is cost.  This is one of the biggest problems facing the website development industry.  Normal or new business owners find it difficult to comprehend the cost of building a website is or understanding the value of the website.

If you’re running a business there’s no question you’ll need a website.  The website is the essential hub to market your business.  Once you’ve arrived at building or re-building your website you’ll start asking for help.

The next step is to ask someone in your circle of friends or professional network for a referral.  You might even begin searching Google for a website design company in your area.  In both cases it can be extremely frustrating to find the best company will be to work with you to build a website.

This is the part where it can become extremely challenging.  How can you really know the right company to work with you if you don’t understand the cost or value??  

I’d like to share some insights to help you in the process of determining the cost for your website.

What type of website does your business need?

If you’re a new business you may not need to build a large of a website.  This is what we we would call a marketing website.  A marketing website usually has 3-5 pages including a blog for ongoing marketing.

In most cases WordPress is going to be the most effective tool for you to have a website built with.  Because WordPress includes a full back-end system to allow you to make simple changes without having to involve a website company. In most cases, making changes should just as simple as using Microsoft Word.  Easy enough?

If your business has been established or your goals are larger, there are many other types of websites you can build.  E-Commerce websites and Membership websites, are just a couple that would extend beyond a marketing website.

What does it cost to have a WordPress website built?

You can be assured that there are many companies who can build amazing WordPress websites.  The challenge is finding the right company that’s an expert and is affordable.  If you begin your search as I mentioned above by looking amongst friends you might find a mixed result of experience when it comes to building a WordPress website.

Hiring a WordPress development company is just like hiring any other company for any other type of service.  You’ll find a range of the unlicensed, less experienced hobbyists all the way to the overly priced large companies who really aren’t looking to work with smaller businesses.

In most cases the cost is related to the experience and size of the company.  A good range for a small business marketing site would be anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000.  This is of course is dependent on the detail of your project.  The more time a company spends on your project you can expect to pay more, just like in any other industry.

Beyond that you will need to prepare to invest ongoing marketing dollars to create more content for your website to gain traffic and more leads for your business.  The best company to work with will mention this need from day one!  Does that make sense?

I hope you found this article helpful to reference for how much a WordPress website costs.  Please leave us a comment or ask a question below and we would be happy to share any help we can with you.


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