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That’s a loaded question.  You may see the value of having a website, but how much value does it provide to your business?  Have you truly considered the cost, time, and energy savings that it truly can bring to your business?  If you’ve been in business long enough you should understand that it’s crucial to work smarter and not harder.

I recently began reading a book by Chet Holmes and often he mentions the effectiveness of doing one 4 things 4000 times, rather than doing 4,000 things 4 times.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that your exhausting yourself in your efforts and headed for burn out if your not working smart.  A statistic in the book revealed that a corporation fails every 3 minutes.  

While there are a variety of ways that can happen, I can’t help but feel as though investing in your organization’s website can have something to do with this.  Another piece of information that was shared in the book was the fact that newspaper, television, and radio advertisement costs have increased 3x in the last 15 years.  If it cost $100 to get your message in front your audience then, it costs $300 today, and the results are far less than before!

How are your customers or clients finding you?

This is important question for your business to look into and quantify.  Are you missing an opportunity to grow your business with a newer and more relevant audience?  It was recently said that 29% of customers no longer read newspapers or listen to radio ads.  This statistic was put out some time ago.  Can you imagine how large that number is growing yearly, monthly?

Continuing this thought process of working smarter and not harder, I’ll ask the question again.  Does your website market your business?  Does it market your business effectively?  Do you have qualified customers coming through your website and into your store or business with an informed experience to expedite your sales process?  This is more possible than ever before and you will sorely miss results that are necessary for the growth of your business if you don’t embrace them.

How can you have your website market your business?

Let me count the ways.  No really, it’s possible and it’s mind blowing how much money and more importantly how much time you can spend and put back to work in your business.  The web has never been more important for your business to “live in” and help your business truly thrive.  Stop delaying get your website to market your business.


Cody Landefeld

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