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Are you a fan of podcasts?  Of course you are!

Do you have enough podcasts to listen to?  Of course you don’t!  Okay then so podcasts are pretty crowded and there’s a lot of content out there.  We’re starting one so we can diversify our content and look to connect you with some of our favorite leaders and entrepreneurs that can bring some value to your business or organization.

Here today we launch the Expert Effect.

In episode 1, I am sharing about what we’ve been up to in the past year with investing back into our website and truly starting to practice what we preach to our clients.  I’d love if if you were to listen and get a nugget or two that can be helpful from this podcast.  I hope you enjoy!

Cody Landefeld

I’m a web consultant who helps WooCommerce store owners succeed. Founder at @modeeffect, husband to @raquelandefeld, and father of 3.

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Thanks for Sharing!

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