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Earlier we shared a post on our site outlining 3 design tweaks you can make on your WooCommerce website to gain a competitive advantage.  In today’s post we want to focus on a specific tip to help improve your e-commerce site.  This is specifically about images and how you’re using them.

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Of course you have images for the products on your WooCommerce site!  It’s common sense as every other e-commerce website uses them. But the key is how are you using the imagery?  Do people see the vision and the story you’re trying to show them with your images and display?  Remember: 

“People shop with their senses—the more you can use that to your advantage, the further ahead of your competition you’ll be.”

Professional images are a must. Good quality photographs cost more but quickly separate the amateurs from the professionals.  Your store has to be using these.  

Regarding images, you’ll need to consider these important variables:

  • Surroundings and environment are important. Are your products displayed in a context that makes sense to the end user?
  • Do your images provide an appropriate amount of detail? When purchasing online, you need to compensate for the fact that your customers are relying on only one sense (sight) to make a decision.
  • Use real life scenarios. By showing your products being used in a real life scenario, your visitors will be able to imagine themselves using it.

The images on your e-commerce site deserve as much attention as any other element. They’ll help your customers gain trust for your brand and it will go a long way with their experience towards being a loyal customer.  Have any other tips to share?  We’re eager to here.  Post them in the comments below and we can add them to our list!


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