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Previously we took a look at 3 design tips to improve your WooCommerce website.  As a part of that series this video will focus one design tip and that’s adding a value proposition.  It’s important to communicate your value proposition as quickly and clearly as possible. Too many e-commerce stores take a “me too” approach, and it leaves visitors feeling uninspired and unmotivated.


When a visitor lands on your site, you want them to know what makes your store, and your brand, different than your competitors. It could be the quality of your products or a statement about your customer service. For example, Bose frequently uses “Better Sound Through Research” to convey an image of high quality, great sounding speakers. Zappos uses “Powered by Service” to put their amazing customer service at the forefront.


Conveying your value proposition is one of the easiest design tweaks you can implement on your e-commerce site. It’s also something that you can easily experiment with in order to discover what resonates best with your visitors. Just remember, your value proposition can’t live in a bubble. It has to be backed up and reinforced by all of the other elements on your website.

Endless Design Tweaks

While we’ve covered three very specific design tweaks in this post, hopefully these ideas have got you thinking about some of the potential changes or improvements you might consider implementing on your own WooCommerce site. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Just remember that any change or tweak you make has the potential to give you a competitive advantage. But, the only way you’ll know for sure is by measuring and tracking your results. Never assume that there is only one “correct” way of doing things. Different images, different value propositions, and different checkout sequences can all provide you with a leg up on your competition.

Bonus: 4 additional key design tweaks for your WooCommerce website.  Get this today!

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