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Tactics on how to improve optimization, speed, and design.  

Hiring the Right WordPress Consultant

Hey everyone! I am/was happy to share with everyone at WordCamp San Diego for the 3rd year in a row! We always enjoy our time at this event and it’s a fantastic time of year to spend in San Diego.  Below are my slides from my talk.  I will update this post when the video…

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Investing in User Experience

What’s more memorable for you?  A bad user experience or a gorgeous user experience?  I’d argue that for most clients and end users that the former is most memorable.  If you are a creative or a web developer you can speak to this differently, but largely our job is not to make solutions and websites…

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WP Watercooler goes platinum

WP Watercooler hits 1,000,000 views!  Being friends with many of the people on the show and an occasional contributor to the show, I couldn’t be more happy for them! So if you don’t yet know, WP Watercooler is a 30 minute show recorded and broadcasted live every Monday featuring 10 WordPress developer / aficionados.  We come…

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Starting a blog? Hire a WordPress Consultant.

Are you a blogger?  Have you been thinking about starting a blog?  I’m sure there are a few decisions to be made if you havent already done so.  Like “what to blog about,” or perhaps “what should the look of my blog me.”  Along with those decisions on content, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about…

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Interview with Code Poet – WordPress Resource Website

I was asked to participate in an interview for the great WordPress resource site – Code Poet.  Code Poet is an Auttomatic ran initiative to feature WordPress resources and showcase talented individuals that are running their business with WordPress being an important component. Check out the interview with Cody Landefeld here and feel free to…

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