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Starting a blog? Hire a WordPress Consultant!

Are you a blogger?  Have you been thinking about starting a blog?  I’m sure there are a few decisions to be made if you havent already done so.  Like “what to blog about,” or perhaps “what should the look of my blog me.”  Along with those decisions on content, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about WordPress.

WordPress is the most powerful tool for any blogger.  You can build your entire website on top of the WordPress platform and allow it to scale to your desired goals (in most cases).  But be careful, just like starting the blog takes some preparation you’ll also want to consider some important items before you create your blog.

Most often people will rush to get this done quickly with a limited amount of knowledge.  You’ve seen a web hosting commercial on TV, or your friends tells you to try a certain web hosting company.  Well, sure you could try that.  It doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to fail going forward, but there are things to consider.

Which is where I’d highly recommend talking with a WordPress Consultant before going forward with building your blog.  This way you can express your goals to a known WordPress expert and they can help you navigate the waters or building the most efficient blog.

What can a WordPress Consultant teach me?

Or rather why is it so important?  The internet is a very DIY place right?  I read another blog on how to best do this I should be good right?  Well you just might be.  But it’s valuable for you to consider the right course you need to take that aligns with your project goals.

Things to consider when building a WordPress site are

  • What hosting should I use? What is a good WordPress host?
  • What type of WordPress theme should I use?
  • Do I need a Custom WordPress Theme created?
  • Will my site get infected or hacked?
  • Will my content be backed up?
  • How do I keep my WordPres site running fast?

Okay so you might be thinking “that’s a lot of stuff to remember!”  It sure can be, and that’s just a few things to consider before moving ahead with your project.  Remember, the web is not a one-size fits all place and neither should your blog or your WordPress website.

Even if you are blogging and you are in fact running WordPress on your blog or website, it’s not too late to fix things that might be a concern!  My advice would be to talk with someone today to have them to a WordPress site evaluation to see how you can improve.  It could mean a world of difference and dramatically impact your bottom line as a business!


Cody Landefeld

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